Turning another corner…

I’ve turned so many of my life, maybe I’m just going in circles. I’ve always been attracted to spiritual teachings. I was always trying to figure out answers. My father, a violent alcoholic, was also a spiritual person. He was what I call a radical Southern Baptist. He thought he had special knowledge of the truth. He taught my sister and I that Jesus Christ was going to come back before we grew up. So, it is with some amazement that I find myself a senior citizen now.

I’ve reinvented myself so many times, I think I created the term. I was physically and emotionally and verbally abused probably from birth, betrayed by my first serious lover, and raped by a childhood friend. Until the internet came along and things changed, I thought I was most damaged person on the planet. Now I believe I’m one of the most healed. I’m grateful there are so many wonderful teachers alive on the planet now. Matt Kahn, Byron Katie, and Greg Baer are the most recent. But I was introduced to a very high level of spiritual awareness in my early twenties. Too early. It’s been the bar for the rest of my life as I measured all spiritual teachings against that one. You may have read The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy or Three Magic Words by U. S. Anderson or listened to recordings of Neville Goddard now on YouTube. Comment if you would like a few more.

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